Our Courses

The majority of your training is delivered on the job, in the workplace. We work with you and your employer to customise your training plan and support your learning through regular workplace visits. We make sure you get time both on the job to complete your practical learning and off the job to take care of your theoretical learning. Either way you’ll learn all the in’s and out’s of your chosen course.


At each stage of your qualification you will undertake a series of assessments both practical on the job and online. These assessments will give you the comfort that you are heading in the right direction and allow you to brush up on areas where you may not be fully competent. The great thing about training with XSEED is we will support you on your journey to competence.


Our supportive XSEED team will be there either in person – onsite, over the phone, email or in the classroom to provide you with guidance, extra information, or to answer those unanswered questions. The only silly question is the one not asked, that’s how we roll.

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