About Us

XSEED Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 21402, since 2003) with three unique brand offerings; XSEED, Next Gear and Hair Assembly, each servicing their targeted industries. XSEED works with employers across Victoria to train the next generation. We work with employers to get the right skills into their business and support learners on their career journey. Working with employers means we work with a broad range of participants including those looking to start their careers, grow their capabilities or change their employment pathways. We regularly find ourselves working with seasoned experts to renew, refresh and update their formal qualifications in a dynamic workplace.

XSEED partners with industry (the best of the best) and employers (those that really care) to deliver you a qualification that’s not just about a job, it’s about a rewarding career. We strive to provide an individual learning experience for each and every one of our apprentices. How? Through fully understanding your needs and how we can support you to get from the starting line to the main stage. We want to see your competence grow and your confidence soar.

XSEED is built on relationships with people on the ground, doing what they do best, everyday. Your training won’t be in a classroom (too much) nor will you be stuck behind a computer for days on end. You will be on the floor, learning from the best, getting hands on. We hope that’s ok?

Contact us today, and learn what Xseed can do to help drive your journey.