We are XSEED

XSEED partners with industry (the best of the best) and employers (those that really care) to deliver you a qualification that’s not just about a job, it’s about a rewarding career. We strive to provide an individual learning experience for each and every one of our students. How? Through fully understanding your needs and how we can support you to get from the starting line to the main stage. We want to see your competence grow and your confidence soar.

XSEED is built on relationships with people on the ground, doing what they do best, everyday. Your training won’t be in a classroom (too much) nor will you be stuck behind a computer for days on end. You will be on the floor, learning from the best, getting hands on. We hope that’s ok?

Why train with XSEED?

We support

XSEED will support you on your learning journey.


XSEED will cater to your individual learning needs.

We deliver

XSEED will deliver on what we’ve promised.

We encourage

XSEED will encourage you to do your best.

Our Courses

We have a range of courses to suit your skill level.

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